Thursday, March 19, 2009

I went to Walmart and lived to tell about it

That's right! I survived a shopping trip at Walmart. You see, I've been getting these texts that say

"dont go to walmart tonight. gang initiation. they are gonna Shoot 3 women at a local walmart"

Checked it out on and it seems to be a big hoax. A lot of people are talking about it.. even the news stations. I bet some exec at Kmart or Target started it trying to take away Wally Worlds business. ;) Anyway, I went and the worst thing that happened is I spent too much money on things I probably didn't really need. I doubt there's much gang activity in my neck of the woods anyway... but ya never know.


  1. That same email hit my area also...I don't know what they have against Walmart...If they would say something like that about Duncan Donuts, then maybe I would stay away from there and not eat so many of them...grin...

    Lilfix (eHow)

  2. I know, this is crazy, right? I don't know about Dunkin Donuts but a serial killer couldn't keep me away from Krispy Kremes =) Death or donuts.. tough call!

  3. Truth of the matter is sometimes that stuff turns out to be real and its too late, but I'm sure if you received a text message, local police were notified already. In my local town I rarely went to Walmart without seeing police or local security guys on the prowl. However, please note, most of those security guys are not worth much at all.