Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey, It's been a while!

I haven't added anything to my blog for a while. I promise, it's not because I want to keep you out of the loop.. I've just had so much going on! I'm writing for eHow now, trying to keep my resolution to write something every day. It's going well so far and I've found I can churn out an article usually in under an hour. Hey, I'm not a "real" writer but I do okay.

ChaCha is still going alright I suppose if you don't mind working through the glitches and crazy lag times between screens. For those who don't already know, ChaCha is a mobile search company that you can text from your phone to get answers to just about anything. And folks, I do mean anything! Oh, and they're hiring again.. or at least they were last night. If you want to make a few extra buckaroos here and there without leaving home, this could be for you. Go to and check into it.

The weather is seriously pissing me off. It was so nice for a few days that I got spoiled. I seriously thought Spring had sprung but nope, snow later this week. WTF? I would love to have a decent Easter Sunday when we didn't have to worry about flooding, mudslides or freakin' snow. I haven't even checked the local forecast for the 12th, I'm afraid to. They're probably predicting a typhoon or some strange voodoo hexxed weather.

Speaking of the 12th, my eldest daughter's birthday is on Easter this year. She'll be 14 and I've threatened to get her a bunny cake. I know, I know.. I'm so lame. Actually, I think she said it was "random". Whatever.. Random? How do kids come up with perfectly normal words and turn them into something negative. I like random.. random strangers, random advice, random blogs, random acts of kindness.. See? Random is good, dammit.

Anyway, before my fingers totally get away from my brain and I really start making sense and scaring myself, I think I'll back away from the keyboard for a bit. I'll leave you with a bit of advice... Never eat the cheese if the cow has passed on.

That's all I've got for now. Lates!

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