Monday, February 23, 2009

Hernias and Hydroceles and Surgery - Oh my!

We had to take my 5 year old son to WVU Medical today to have a pre-op visit to fix his hydrocele. His left testicle is affected by fluid that drains down from his abdomen due to the inguinal tube that should have closed inutero or shortly after his birth. He isn't in any pain and it currently isn't causing any problems but it could in the future considering his intestine could slip through and cause a painful, dangerous hernia.

He's scheduled for surgery on March 5th and it will be performed by the same surgeon who did his surgery for pyloric stenosis when he was just 3 weeks old. I'm glad that he's previously had anesthesia with no adverse effects because that puts my mind at ease a bit. His dad has decided that he should be there and is taking off work to join my husband and I at the hospital on the day of his procedure. It's an outpatient surgery so he should be able to come home later that day. He'll be sore for a while, will have to be out of school for a few days and can't do anything strenuous for a couple weeks.

I'm sure I'm more nervous than he is. I know it's a fairly common procedure but just the same, he's my baby and it worries me. I trust the surgeon and I know he's one of the best. I'll be sure to update on his surgery and condition. Please, if you pray, say a little prayer that all goes well and keep us in your thoughts.

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